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About Us

Mercy Pharmacy Group is the premier pharmacy service provider in Southern California. Our services include: Community Retail, Compounding, Long Term Care, Specialty Medications, Transition of Care, and Behavioral Health Medication Coordination. As a community-based pharmacy, we understand what is most important to you…your organization and your patients.  Give us an opportunity to serve your needs.

Mission & Value Statement

Mercy Pharmacy Group values Integrity, Compassion, Innovation & Growth.  We do what we say we’re going to do with the utmost care.  We strive to be the forefront leader in our industry, seeking ways to better serve our patients and our community.  Mercy Pharmacy Group consists of 8 pharmacy locations serving patients throughout Southern California.  Our presence in the heart of Southern California communities, going back to the past 30 plus years, represents our core goal…  Be the go-to place where patients are proud to call YOUR HOME pharmacy!

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