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    Better Care Starts with You!

Services & Products

Long Term Care*

Mercy LTC and Specialty Pharmacy …is committed to creating customized solutions exactly tailored to your specific needs.  Because we are not a national and/or regional pharmacy provider, we do not report to a Corporate Office, often located in another State…we report to YOU! Because we are your local long-term care pharmacy provider, we are capable of addressing your needs…promptly, accurately, and with “no-fuss.”

Pharmacy Clinical Services. We pride ourselves in our clinical practitioners, Consultant Pharmacists and Registered Pharmacy Technicians.  We will go above and beyond required mandates of CMS, State Board of Pharmacy, and other regulatory agencies.  Our experience and dedication to bring about positive outcomes is job #1


Order, Fill, and Delivery.  We are committed to filling physician orders with accuracy, timeliness, and exceptional customer service.  All of our pharmacy staff, employed by Mercy LTC and Specialty Pharmacy, have been educated, trained, and are expected to provide your facility with the utmost care and diligence    


Pharmacy Packaging Systems.  We are capable of interfacing with most dispensing systems…Contact us today to learn more about our unique packaging systems!

Cost Savings Solutions.  It is important to us to continually bring value to you our customer.  We will constantly monitor and evaluate our core services to you and strive to identify cost saving opportunities for your facility and your residents.  Here are a few examples, Medication Management, Therapeutic Interchange Program, Prior Authorization, and 3rd Party Billing.

Facility Types we serve:

  • Post-Acute Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Intermediate Care Facilities

  • Assisted Living Facilities

    • Board and Care

    • Alzheimer's and Dementia

  • Continuum of Care Residential Facilities

  • Mental Health Facilities

    • Adult Residential Facilities

  • Hospice

* Service may not be available on-site at all locations

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